How to make a Million Rand extra profit in one year

Invest R345 000 in In-House Lens Casting and increase your net profit by One Million Rand in the first year

If you prescribe PER DAY:

  • 2 X Flat top clear with hard coat
  • 1 X Fat top photochromic with hard coat
  • 2 X Multifocal clear with hard coat
  • 1 X Multifocal photochromic with hard coat

You can make yourself an extra Million Rand on the bottom line in one year.

There are many possible permutations to this example – all you have to do is enter your own forecast into the Profit Calculator and see for yourself.

You don’t believe it? Do your own numbers.

The Profit Calculator

There are four excel work sheets (see at bottom of page): Summary – SV Surfaced – Flat top – Multi focal

On each work sheet, there are four red blocks, where you can enter your own information, to make your forecast. All the sheets and the formulae are linked.

In the summary sheet, the red block contains the salary and lease repayments. Lens casting does not require optical lab experience. VME will do the training.

The Summary Sheet will show the accumulated net profit for one year

This is what is beyond question:

  • The lens quality – free form moulds – Double USA Colts Award
  • Ease of operation – no surfacing experience required – VME does the training
  • Takes up little space – table top operation
  • No inventory required
  • If you already do the volume of prescriptions, you will make money from the word go.

More info:

View the  demonstration videos: