90 Minute In-office AR: A completely New Approach

  • Designed for use with the Q2100 Digital Lens System
  • The nanoCLEAR AR process creates lenses that are anti-reflective with a hydrophobic and oleophobic top coat
  • Nanoparticles and in-mold fabrication form a bond between all layers of the AR stack, hardcoat and lens material resulting in a very durable surface

Breakthrough Design 

  • Small, table-top system installs in nearly any office
  • Clean, quiet and automated for easy user interface
  • WiFi or Ethernet enabled for seamless updates and remote system diagnostics


  • AR Chamber – 55cm    H x 81cm    W x    64cm D *
  • Computer Screen – 17cm    H x 20cm W x    5cm D
  • Wash Module – 40cm    H x 35cm W x    56cm D **
  • Dispensing Unit – 31cm H x 11cm W x    31cm D

The measurement is from the outside of the computer screen to the outside to the chemistry housing. The height is from the counter to the top of the computer screen: with the hood in its fully open position, the system is 91cm high.
** Wash module water hose must be connected to the AR chamber. In many cases a hole in the countertop is required at installation.

Electrical Requirements

  • 120V AC one 15 amp circuit (domestic systems)
  • 230V AC 50/60 Hz one 10 amp circuit (international systems)

Increased Sales & Profits

  • Adding nanoCLEAR AR to each sale will help grow your business
  • As few as 2 pair per day is all it takes to profit from in-office AR
  • More AR sales = more office revenue
  • Reduced lab bills = more office profit

Patient Satisfaction

  • Patented process makes an AR lens that provides durable, long-lasting performance
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces for the life of the lens
  • Fast same-day service is now possible for AR progressive wearers

View demonstration video: