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Product Description

The nanoGUARD™ Hardcoat is a dual-layer coating consisting of one layer of nano-XT coat plus one layer of nanoGUARD™ coat applied to both the front and back surfaces of the lens. The nanoGUARD™ Super Scratch Resistant Coat uses Optical Dynamics’ nanotechnology-based in-mold coating method to form a nanocomposite layer on the surface of the finished lens.

First, a thin layer of nanoGUARD™ coating that contains a high concentration of extremely hard nanoparticles is applied to the casting surface of the mold and cured. Next, a thicker layer of nano-XT is applied to the first layer and cured. The coated mold is then used to cast the lens and when the mold is removed, this nanocomposite coating transfers to the finished lens.