In a nutshell, the Q2100 enables the optometrist to cast a lens in-house at a much lower cost than what he or she will pay for it from any conventional wholesaler, after discount.

There are five variables in the Profit Calculator:

  • The number of working days per month
  • Your estimated lens production per day
  • Your wholesale price
  • Your discount ( must be entered on each page)
  • Q2100 overhead cost

By clicking on the respective numbers in red you can fill in your own details. Note that there are different pages to open at the bottom by clicking on Multi, SV, Surfaced, Flattop and Summary.

The overhead cost is an estimate based on a total capital outlay of R400 000 and one salary plus miscellaneous cost of R2000. You will find that if you can cast a combination of 5 to 10 pairs per day, the saving is enormous. Your total savings will be reflected on the summary page.

 The bottom line – if you have the volume, you will make money from day one.