The Q2100R Lens Casting System


The in-house production of Single Vision lenses is obviously not a cost effective exercise. However, in the “surfaced” category, beyond the normal “stock” ranges, it becomes viable. Moreover, when a high-powered single vision lens is cast in Aspheric, Smart Shades and ARC, it certainly becomes profitable.

The multi focal range has two options in CFL 18 mm segment height and the Short Corridor 16 mm option. In practice, it has been found that the short corridor is seldom used and the CFL fulfils 95% of prescription needs.

Flattop molds come in an aspheric design.

The casting cost of all lenses is exactly the same regardless of the design, multi or single vision.

This is your basket of product:

  •  Single Vision Aspheric (high powers)

  •  CFL Multi focal 18mm

  •  Short Corridor Multi focal 16mm

  •  Flattop aspheric


  •  Nano Guard (hard coat on all lenses)

  •  Nano clear (ARC )

  •  Smart Shades (Photocromic)

Mold sets:

  •  Your Q2100 comes with Single Vision Aspheric and CFL mold sets.

  • Other designs will be provided at additional cost.

  • Mold sets make up a significant part of the total cost of lens casting. 

    View demonstration video:

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View demonstration video: